Divorce changes many things for a family. This includes how the holidays are celebrated. Parents may worry about how their kids will adjust to such changes and what impacts the divorce will have on the kids’ ability to enjoy the holidays. It is important to remember that just because holidays will be different following a divorce doesn’t mean they still can’t be a great experience for the children. There are steps parents can take towards helping the holidays go well after a divorce. Today, we’ll go over five such steps.

Keep the focus on your kids

By keeping their attention fixed on what is best for the kids, divorced parents can help prevent the holidays from becoming battlegrounds over personal disputes and issues.

Plan ahead

Planning ahead for the holidays can be very important for parents following a divorce. Having clear and well-understood plans for what will happen with the kids over the holiday season can help with avoiding parental conflict and with parents steering clear of accidentally sending confusing messages to the kids.

Some of this planning can be done when parents are negotiating a child custody agreement. Such agreements can set up the framework for how holidays will be handled moving forward when it comes to custody and visitation. Then, as the holidays approach, parents can work together on planning out the various little details that go along with following this framework.

Maintain good communication

Parents keeping in good communication with each other over holiday matters can help with ensuring that potential issues are addressed quickly and with preventing uncertainty and surprises that could trigger conflicts from popping up during the holidays.

Act respectfully and appropriately towards your ex

It is important for divorced parents to avoid criticizing, complaining about and insulting each other in front of the kids. On the opposite end of things, it is also important for divorced parents to not be too affectionate with one another around the kids over the holidays, as this could send confusing messages to the kids.

Balance old and new when it comes to traditions

Keeping some old holiday traditions can help add some stability for the kids in the changing times that follow a divorce. Adding new ones, however, can also be very important, as it can bring some new excitement for the kids and help reflect the new changed family dynamic.