For many families in Missouri, end-of-life situations are not only rarely discussed, but often dreaded. However, death is a guarantee, and having a plan in place for this event is extremely important. One of the biggest obstacles for families to overcome in estate planning is lack of communication. The following tips may help families get the ball rolling and effectively communicate when discussing estate plans.

Beginning these discussions is often the most difficult part. When a meeting is called, family members may sense a change and feel uncomfortable. It is often helpful to collaborate and establish a safe space by implementing ground rules and agreements when meeting. Examples of these rules could include: one person speaking at a time, agreeing to listen respectfully, mutually agreeing to own any outcomes and welcoming questions.

Poor communication can often break down trust, so an understanding of communications styles can prove to be invaluable when attempting to communicate with others. This can increase self-awareness and also shed light on the perceptions of others. There are also several communication assessment tools available online that could be helpful in gaining an understanding of the most effective communication styles.

Far too often, a lack of communication is a primary reason that assets and wealth are not successfully passed down among families. Death is never easy to talk about. However, discussing this subject now will provide future protection for families. Missouri residents who have questions regarding estate planning could benefit by consulting a legal representative. A knowledgeable attorney can answer legal questions and provide much-needed guidance for families looking to secure their futures.