Often times couples recognize that ending their marriage is the best decision for both partners.  One of the best parts of an uncontested divorce is that there will not be a long, stressful, and expensive court process and each person can move on peacefully.

Sometimes divorce can be that easy. If that is an option, do you need to have a lawyer help you through the process? There are a few reasons that you still might want to consider it.

Making sure you file correctly

The first step in any divorce is filing with the court. This process involves many steps–and messing up just one of them can result in your case slowing down or even restarting. Letting your attorney handle all of that reduces the chance of errors.

Even if you filed everything at the right time and with the right people, there is a chance that you could forget to report some asset or misstate your income. It could be an honest mistake, but the court might see it as intentional. Your lawyer will know everything you need to submit and do it correctly.

Future changes

Say that your spouse agrees to pay a certain amount of child support, but you quickly realize that it isn’t enough after the divorce. It would add a lot of work to go through the process again. Your attorney can go over everything and make sure you get what you need the first time.

The prospect of not having to hire an attorney might seem appealing–but the added benefit might make the divorce process less stressful for you. You want your divorce to be done right the first time, and a lawyer can help with that.