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Planning For Your Future Now

No one wants to leave their loved ones with unfinished business. Planning for your estate before your passing is not easy to think about, but it helps your loved ones. Having a trust or will clarifies what should happen to your possessions, establishes how your children should be cared for and prevents arguments caused by uncertainty.

Give your loved ones the kindness of a fully thought-out future. Call Lawson Norris Sorensen, LLC, to start your estate planning today. Our office phone number is 816-524-3838. Unable to call us? Feel free to contact us over the internet by completing our contact form.

Explore Your Estate Planning Options

Having an estate plan is essential regardless of whether you are single or married, young or old. Nobody ever knows what the future will bring, so having a comprehensive estate plan set up to make it easier for your family during a time of illness, incapacitation or death is essential.

Useful facts when beginning to plan include:

  • Your last Will and Testament provides the opportunity to distribute your property, establish care for your children and otherwise express your wishes upon your death.
  • A Trust establishes a line of inheritance, may avoid probate administration and may be subject to fewer taxes.
  • Powers of Attorney for finances and health care are essential for people of all ages. With the increased privacy laws, obtaining information concerning a loved one is becoming more and more difficult. Powers of Attorney will allow a designated person to attend to your health care and financial needs, during time of illness or incapacitation.

To find out which planning option is right for you, call Leslie Lawson today.

Work With Leslie Lawson For Your Estate Planning Needs

Waiting until the last minute to plan for your estate is a mistake and only makes matters more difficult for your loved ones. Start now, when you are clearheaded and able to get the help you need. For experienced lawyers in Kansas City, Missouri, call our office today at 816-524-3838.