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Avoid Hostile Court Proceedings — Use Collaboration And Mediation

Are you seeking to avoid contentious court time? Very few people actually want to go to court. In recent decades, the law has made it more and more possible for people to work together to avoid court proceedings.

You may have heard of collaborative law and mediation if you have spoken to someone about collaborative divorce or neutral third parties. Both options allow individuals significantly more freedom in their legal futures. Benefits of mediation and collaborative law include:

  • Legal arrangements that focus on both parties’ emotional well-being
  • Ability to negotiate between parties rather than arbitrary court decisions
  • Significantly reduced costs, both financially and emotionally
  • More accountability for parties’ compliance with agreements

For more information on how these legal methods may help you come to a more peaceful resolution to your legal issues, speak with an attorney.

Varied Backgrounds To Help You In Any Situation

The attorneys at Lawson Norris Sorensen, LLC, come from a wide variety of backgrounds. After working individually in family law, child advocacy, business law and other areas, we have the experience and knowledge to understand almost every case. Our intimate knowledge of the law and time spent helping Kansas City families in mediation are invaluable.

Get An Attorney Who Understands

Families in Missouri and Kansas trust our lawyers to help find peaceable resolutions to legal issues. They depend on our knowledge and practice for the best legal outcomes possible. To speak with one of our attorneys today about whether mediation or collaborative solutions are right for your situation, call our office at 816-524-3838 or send us an email.